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Fertile Ground: Warwick Gears Up for the Next Wave of Agriculture

Fertile Ground: Warwick Gears Up for the Next Wave of Agriculture

The quaint Orange County town of Warwick and its surrounding valley have long been known for their fertile soil. And now, following the passage of the MRTA, the black dirt prepares to plant a different kind of crop: cannabis.

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A High-Falutin Affair

Notes from a Luxury Cannabis Networking Event
Cannabis industry insiders gathered in Saugerties on June 19 to make connections at what organizers billed as the Hudson Valley’s first ever “A-list corporate cannabis networking event."

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Budtending in the Berkshires

The Experts at The Pass Who Welcome Customers to the Wide World of Cannabis
Chances are you can guess what a “budtender” does. Just like a bartender expertly leads you to your new favorite cocktail, budtenders are the knowledgeable, friendly employees of cannabis dispensaries tasked with guiding customers through the wide world of cannabis products. Whether it’s introducing a nervous first-time customer to a product best suited to their experience level or teaching someone who has been smoking flower for decades about the new frontier of concentrates and edibles, the budtenders at The Pass in the Berkshires are there to shepherd customers through all their options.

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Product Review: Hybrid Flower

Hybrid Strains from Mass Grow, Nature's Remedy, Bloom Brothers, and Berkshire Roots
With ganja, you really can have your cake and eat it (or smoke it) too. Hybrid flowers are the result of crossing indica strains, the ones that make you sleepy, with sativa strains, the ones that spur creativity and the giggles. The strategic blending of flavor profiles, aromas, and highs means that users can seek tailored strains, of benefit to medical patients with specific needs. Hybrids can also be more potent than a standard indica or sativa, adding to their attractiveness among consumers. Growers are fans, too, since hybrid plants are more mold and pest resistant, and can combine the rapid growth of a sativa with the high yield typical of indicas. Not all hybrids are a 50/50 split between indica and sativa. Depending on a strain’s ancestry, one can be more dominant than the other. Skunk Hero | Mass Grow THC 18.1% | Sativa dominant Deep green flowers with a woody bouquet, the aromatic Skunk Hero is well named. The strain is the result of crossing vintage Super Skunk with Mandarin Sunset, producing chunky buds might give some of you nostalgia for ‘90’s-era dime bags. It is also the most manageable of the bunch, whether a daytime toker who needs to be able to function, or a causal user who wants to remain on the more cautious side of cannabis while still enjoying the experience. Taste: 3/5| Aroma: 2.5/5| Potency: 3/5 | Overall Rating: 3/5 Available at: Canna Provisions, Lee, Massachusetts Caramel Apple Gelato | Nature’s Remedy THC 21.9% | Indica dominant Wanna get high? Caramel Apple Gelato is a rollercoaster of a ride that takes some getting used to. The strain’s indica dominant nature is quick to react and take hold, giving a false sensation that that is all there is going to be. But when the sativa giggles start, the amusement and sense of elevation can last for hours. The fruity terpene profile adds a pungent edge to both the flower’s bouquet and the burn, producing a light smoke with a piney, earthy aftertaste. Taste: 4/5| Aroma: 3/5| Potency: 4/5 | Overall Rating: 4/5 Available at: Temescal Wellness, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Dog Patch | Bloom Brothers THC 25.8% | Indica dominant Bloom Brothers are all about the flower, and the big ol’ buds of Dog Patch embody all the elements of classic ganja. An herbal nose with a pleasantly skunky undertone, the result of crossing Apple Cider with Jet Fuel Gelato, Dog Patch comes on quickly with a heavy blast of indica that settles around the eyes. It is then that the sativa appears, taking the edge off the indica to combine into an elevated, calming body high that lasts. Dog Patch is well-balanced, a connoisseur’s strain in the making. Taste: 3/5| Aroma: 4/5| Potency: 4/5 | Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Available at: Bloom Brothers, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Snowdog | Berkshire Roots THC 21.8% | Sativa leaning Something special, even within a group of excellent of hybrid flowers, Snowdog excels at every stage. The aroma is captivating, with a fruity bouquet of citrus and berries reminiscent of raspberry lemonade that lingers without skunking the place out. Despite being sativa leaning, the lineage coming from the legendary Chemdawg strain, combined with Superskunk and Oregon Snow, the balance is on point, providing relaxation with a sense of focus. And the grow quality of Snowdog is up there with the best—dense flowers cured to be firm and sticky that hold against crumbling yet break nicely in a grinder or picked between fingers. Taste: 4/5| Aroma: 5/5| Potency: 3.5/5 | Overall Rating: 5/5 Available at: Berkshire Roots, Pittsfield, MA Note: availability may vary. ...

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High Falutin: Notes from the Luxury Cannabis Event in Saugerties

A couple hundred actual and would-be cannabis industry insiders gathered in Saugerties on June 19 to make connections at what organizers billed as the Hudson Valley’s first ever “A-list corporate cannabis networking event.”

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Cannabis-Infused Tropical Fruit Popsicles

Cannabis journalist and chef Cassandra Purdy shares her recipe for these delectable edibles.

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High Society Cannabis News: 6/30/21

The latest cannabis news for the week of June 30: MRTA rollout stalled; Jabs for Joints in Washington, CT legalizes adult-use; War on Drugs turns 50.

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Cannabis Dispensary Spotlight: Canna Provisions

A spotlight on Chronogrammies winner in the category of Cannabis Dispensary: Canna Provisions in the Berkshires.

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Hempire State Growers: Seeding a Better Future for Cannabis Farmers

Agriculture has never been an industry known for its cushy margins. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in New York, however, there are many interested parties hoping to get in on their share of the harvest. But for Amy and Gail Hepworth of Hempire State Growers, interest in cannabis has always been about ensuring that the health and well-being of the Hudson Valley farming community remains front and center.

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Product Review: Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrates from Berkshire Roots, The Pass, 253 Farmacy, Rythm Cannabis
If you want to get high, concentrates are the way to go. Concentrates, of which there are many varieties, are the result of distilling cannabinoids and terpenes, i.e., isolating the sticky and shiny stuff on the buds that make you stoned and give cannabis its flavor. This not only means removing all that excess plant matter, but also a far greater THC/CBD-to-product ratio: Standard cannabis buds rarely exceed 30 percent THC content, concentrates start around the 50 percent range and can get as high as the mid-80s. If you are not an experienced consumer, take care when sampling these particularly potent byproducts. You will also need to purchase a dab rig of some form, since concentrates cannot be easily consumed with conventional paraphernalia like bongs and rolling papers. This review will address four types of concentrates: Wax: A hash made by freezing buds and removing the resins. It gets its name from the way it bubbles when exposed to flame. Crumble: Reminiscent of granular honey, crumble is one of the most versatile concentrates and can be added to joints or sprinkled in a bowl, rather than consumed by dabbing. Sugar: Known for high terpene content, sugars have pleasant aromas that tend to linger. Sugars are similar in texture to crumble, but more viscous. Store upright or the product will run. Shatter: A solid, amber-colored sheet that shatters like glass. WAX Purple Punch | The Pass Indica | THC: 82.5% The wax that does it all. With an enjoyable woody aftertaste reminiscent of classic pollen hash, Purple Punch is potent at 82.5% THC, yet is surprisingly manageable. The high is gentle and cerebral, allowing the consumer to go about their lives without the usual oomph of a high-end indica. Purple Punch also burns gently, producing a vapor-like smoke that leaves a pleasant scent. Taste: 5/5| Potency: 3.5/5 | Overall Rating: 5/5 Available at: The Pass, Sheffield, Massachusetts CRUMBLE Donatello Kush | 253 Farmacy Indica | THC: 78.6% No more than a grain of rice, or so reads the advice on the packaging. Take heed. The slow, creeping effects of Donatello Kush crumble may fool you into believing more is the answer, but patience is a virtue. Twenty minutes after ingesting you will enjoy a warming sensation under the eyes and a light head high. The taste is also memorable, with an underlying flavor of red apple and white oak. Taste: 4/5| Potency: 3/5 | Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Available at: Canna Provisions, Lee, Massachusetts SUGAR Gelato | RHYTHM Hybrid | THC: 70.5% The first thing you will notice about Gelato sugar is the scent, a powerful and pungent skunky nose reminiscent of classic cannabis bud. And the boldness of the smell is prescient for the entire experience. Arguably the most powerful of the products on this list, Gelato should be treated with care. A little goes a very long way, and since it is slow to burn, check the temptation to go through the whole dab at once. A full body high is accompanied by gentle and soothing cerebral effects. The taste will linger for quite some time. Taste: 3/5| Potency: 5/5 | Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Available at: Canna Provisions, Lee, Massachusetts | Silver Therapeutics, Williamstown, Massachusetts SHATTER Redvine Jackie | Berkshire Roots Sativa | THC:76.1% Shatters tend toward the stronger side of the THC spectrum, and the light, floaty high of Redvine Jackie certainly makes its presence known. A slow-burning product, expect a warm sensation around the eyes, as well as a sweet watermelon aftertaste. Best consumed from a specialized shatter dabber. Taste: 3/5 | Potency: 4/5 | Overall Rating: 4/5Available at: Berkshire Roots, Pittsfield, Massachusetts...

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Growing Pains

Challenges for Cannabis Home Cultivation in New York State
While New York State legalized home cultivation of marijuana (in theory) at the end of March, actual legit home grow is still likely more than a year away.

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In the Weeds: An Inside Look at Cultivating Farm-to-Label Cannabis

Thanks to the wave of recent recreational cannabis legalization, the last five years have been a veritable renaissance for cannabis growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries in the northeast. And in a region so influenced by the local food movement, it only makes sense that there would be robust support for hyper-local cannabis cultivation, too. Here, the Berkshires-based The Pass, a vertically integrated grower and producer of adult-use recreational cannabis products, offers a peek into its “farm-to-label” cultivation practices and philosophy.

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Cannabis Legalization 101: Will New York’s Municipal Opt-Out Kill the Buzz?

Understanding the opt-out rule and how you can get involved
While excitement about New York's newly budding recreational cannabis industry has never been more palpable, it’s also just the beginning for the regulatory and licensing framework that will be overseen by the newly created Office of Cannabis Management. For eager consumers and prospective cannabis entrepreneurs alike, there’s still several major regulatory hurdles left to clear. Among them is the power the new law gives municipalities to “opt-out” of hosting retail dispensaries and public consumption facilities within their borders. Here's a primer on the opt-out rule and how you can get involved in your town's decision.

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A God of the Cannabis Black Market Grows Legit

Industry Legend Chemdog’s “Smash Hits” Comes to Canna Provisions
If you’re a longtime canna-connoisseur, you definitely know who Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski is. If you’re one of the many who are just now dipping their toes into the culture as cannabis legalization sweeps the nation, you’ll want to get acquainted with the living legend—and fast. A pioneer of the modern cannabis movement, Chemdog is most known for his eponymous Chem Dog strain, said to be the parent strain of mega-popular varieties like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and countless others. After his over 30-year cultivation career, he's finally releasing his first ever legal line of cannabis, Smash Hits, exclusively at Canna Provisions in Massachusetts.

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Dealer's Choice

The Future of New York's Weed Market According to 4 Legacy Market Operators
We check in with four legacy market operators about their thoughts on New York’s legalization of recreational marijuana, the likely persistence of a black market for weed, and their own plans for the future.

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The Age of Edibles

How Today’s Cannabis-Infused Products Deliver on Quality, Consistency, and Effects
Though edibles might seem like the modern-day cannabis frontier, many cultures around the world have a long history of infusing the plant into food and beverages. While cannabis’ criminalization in the US lessened the popularity of edibles, the publishing of Alice B. Toklas' 1954 cookbook, which included a recipe for "Hasish Fudge" helped reignite the public's interest. Today, edibles are one of the fastest growing parts of the legalized recreational cannabis industry, and growers and dispensaries like The Pass in Sheffield Massachusetts are working to make a wide variety of edibles with a focus on consistent quality and effects.

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Changes on High

What to Know about New York’s Recreational Marijuana Law
On Wednesday, March 31, New York officially became the 15th state to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults, and the wait seems to have been worth it.

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Raw Hemp Pesto Recipe from the The Art of Cooking with Cannabis

It seems like a new state legalizes marijuana every week, with New York being the latest to hop on the bandwagon. This is good news from everyone from casual pot smokers to legacy market operators to small farmers and...chefs. When her home state of Vermont started the process of legalization in 2018, cookbook author Tracey Medeiros’s ears perked up. “I found myself continually reading about the plant’s potential for medicinal benefits,” she says. “This piqued my interest, motivating me to reach out to folks all across our country who use cannabis as a culinary ingredient. I was amazed to see and hear how this plant was transforming the culinary and cannabis landscape.” Medeiros has written several other recipe books, including The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook, and The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook, and, most recently, The Art of Cooking with Cannabis, whose release serendipitously coincided with New York’s legalization. “I felt this was something that needed to be written because this is how the food industry is evolving,” she says “ Now, those who cook and create nourishing recipes can feel comfortable stepping out of the shadows and into the sunlight to share their passion for the use of this plant.” The book is broken down into three overarching sections: CBD, Hemp, and THC recipes, and within each section, further divided by geographic region. “I thought it would be interesting to divide the book by regions, thereby enabling folks to see what each of these areas were doing with cannabis and how they were incorporating this plant into their local cuisine,” Medeiros says. Like her other books before, this one straddles the line between cookbook and cultural anthology. “This cookbook showcases a collection of personal stories as well as culturally diverse recipes,” Medeiros says. “The folks who share them touch upon their personal struggles and successes as well as the potential health and wellness benefits of the cannabis plant. These stories are both heartwarming and uplifting bringing hope and a possible medical alternative.” This book also offers sidebars, informative tips, and practical how-to guidance. The 125 recipes in the book are a far cry from the pot brownies we all made in high school. They range from soups and sides to cocktails and desserts. Most of them don’t even sound like they have cannabis in them. Take Medeiros’ favorites: sweet corn ice cream with brown sugar crumble and wild blueberries; smoked mussels with roasted corn puree and peppers; raw sweet corn and cashew chowder and and chicken kale meatballs with CBD-infused cherry tomato and pesto sauces. For newbies, she advises to “start low, go slow,” in terms of moderating your milligram intake. “One dose does not fit all,” Medeiros says. “Always review a product’s packing information to be educated on milligram dosages. Purchase brands that offer a certificate of analysis which ensures that the product you buy has been tested and is safe.” Below is a recipe excerpted from The Art of Cooking With Cannabis for a raw hemp pesto from Freya Dobson of Hudson Hemp. Other Upstate contributors to the book include SFOGLINI Pasta (West Coxsackie, NY) and Local 111 Restaurant (Philmont, NY). The Art of Cooking with Cannabis is on sale now. —Marie Doyon Raw Hemp Leaf Pesto Excerpted from The Art of Cooking with Cannabis: CBD and THC-Infused Recipes from Across America by Tracey Medeiros (Skyhorse Publishing, May 2021). Yield: makes approximately 1 cup Freya Dobson of Hudson Hemp says, "For those wishing to add CBD oil to the pesto, I recommend adding 10 milligrams of Treaty Balance per serving. Treaty’s parent company is Hudson Hemp. The Balance formula includes only the farm’s proprietary organic hemp, grown and processed at our regenerative farm. It’s the simplest formula for experiencing the benefits of broad-spectrum hemp extract in isolation. Ingredients • 3 or 4 medium cloves garlic, peeled and coarsely chopped • 3 tablespoons organic raw pine nuts, walnuts, or cashews • 1 cup fresh organic hemp leaves, woody stems removed, lightly packed • 1 cup fresh organic basil leaves, lightly packed • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped organic kale leaves, stems and inner ribs removed and discarded, lightly packed • Juice of 1 lemon, or to taste • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil or hemp seed oil • 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast, or to taste • Pink Himalayan sea salt, fine-grain • Freshly ground black pepper Method • Process the garlic and pine nuts in a food processor until minced. Add the hemp, basil, kale, and 2 tablespoons of the lemon juice, and process until well combined. While the food processor is running, slowly add the oil in a steady stream until well blended, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. • Spoon the pesto into a decorative bowl and fold in the nutritional yeast. Adjust seasonings with additional lemon juice and nutritional yeast, if desired. Season with salt and pepper to taste. To serve, spread on toasted bread rounds topped with sliced cherry tomatoes or lightly drizzle pesto over and around your favorite eggs. Note: See fried egg recipe (page 186). Notes The pesto can be stored in the refrigerator, covered with a thin layer of olive oil, for up to 2 days. Raw hemp leaves are rich in cannabidiolic acid (CBDa). It is a nonintoxicating, inactive cannabinoid. When CBDa is heated (activated) through a process known as decarboxylation, it converts to CBD. Since this recipe uses raw hemp leaves that have not gone through a decarboxylation or extraction process, CBD is not present. ...

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420 in the Berkshires: Deals and Events You Don't Want to Miss

There are four days until 4/20. While in New York State it is now legal to smoke pot and possess up to three ounces (which is way more than enough for your own at-home festivities) you’ll have to cross the border into Massachusetts for official dispensary celebrations. We’ve rounded up the Berkshires marijuana dispensaries that are offering deals and new products in honor of 4/20. Berkshire Roots Celebrate 4/20 at Berkshire Roots’ Pittsfield location with local musicians Tony Lee Thomas, Jenny Porter, and Melissa Brinton, favorite vendors like Betty's Eddies organic fruit-based edibles, Fernway Vapor, and Kushley, plus a Chillin & Grillin Food truck selling grilled cheeses and other food on Tuesda. And on Saturday, check out the tie-dye air streamer from the Garcia Hand Picked cannabis brand with Ozzies food truck. They are also offering six new products and special branded limited-edition merch. The dispensary specializes in edible culture, and offers a range of cannabis-infused treats and foods online. The group won Best Edible in the 2020 Commonwealth Cannabis Competition for its culinary efforts. Canna Provisions Canna Provisions is marking 4/20 with the public debut of their iconic director of cultivation Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski’s first legal line, Smash Hits, which will be carried exclusively at Canna. Krzanowski will be onsite at both the Lee and Holyoke Canna Provisions locations with his growers for a meet-and-greet plus merch signing and photo ops. There will also be food trucks and live music. Calyx Calyx Berkshire in the heart of downtown Great Barrington is gearing up for their first 420, with three new strains over 30% off, plus a fun day in-store with raffles and prizes in-store. This women-owned dispensary, named after the female part of the cannabis plant, offers a wide range of products, including deli-style choices, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, tinctures and topicals, and a selection of edibles. Rebelle For the 10 days leading up to 420, Rebelle is offering a different deal every day, including free merch, sales, and limited edition items. Yesterday, if you purchased four eighths, you got a ‘No One Should Be in Prison For Weed’ t-shirt for free. This weekend, customers spending more than $420 will get complimentary limited edition legalization merch. This female and minority-led business donates three percent of its net profits toward expunging low-level cannabis convictions and empowering its community. They offer flowers, pre-rolls, topicals, vapes, edibles, and tinctures, and a wide range of accessories and branded merch also for sale. Temescal Wellness Temescal Wellness is celebrating 4/20 live and in-person at all three of their Massachusetts locations in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield, as well as on their website with sales. They are offering exclusive accessory bundles on in-store purchases of $200 or more, lots of different cannabis products, and several promotions for medical patients in-store. Their Hudson store location is partnering with Shishkaberrys of New England’s food truck––offering their standard berry kabob menu with a special 4/20 menu of half kabobs for $5 for Temescal Wellness customers. Buy a skewer and show your receipt when making a cannabis purchase to be eligible for a special promotion. Theory Wellness In honor of 4/20, Theory Wellness is offering its medical cannabis customers a sweet weeklong deal: spend $150 on a medical cannabis order, and they add a gram of flower or a 4-pack of Hi5 for just a penny. They’re also offering bundles of five .75mg pre-rolls for $40. And on 4/20 itself, medical patients that spend $50 on a medical cannabis order can get a 4-pack of Hi5 for a penny. The Pass On Saturday, April 17, go-to vaporizer company Airo will be on-site at the Pass's Sheffield location, offering an Airo battery for just a penny with purchase of an Airo vape cartridge while supplies last. And on Sunday, April 18, Betty’s Eddies, whose vegan and gluten-free edibles are made with organic fruits and veggies, will be stopping by with non-infused samples of its pun-happy products like “Berry Good Things” and “Elderbetty." In addition to these events, the Pass is celebrating 4/20 with several special deals and new releases. Love merch? Purchase a half-ounce of Pass flower, and get a free Pass hat. The farm-to-label dispensary is also releasing their own brand of one-gram vape cartridges and a high-testing  flower both grown in-house. On April 23, the festivities continue at the Sheffield location from 1-6pm with the Jerry Garcia-inspired cannabis brand Garcia Hand Picked, which will be onsite with a their psychedelic Airstream experience, selling merch and playing music. Silver Therapeutics Silver Therapeutics is celebrating 4/20 with price cuts on over 30 items between their locations in Williamstown and Orange, Massachusetts. The weed of the week in their Orange store is the Power Africa––crossed between Durban Poison, Skunk #1 and Haze––a Sativa dominant hybrid best for daytime usage. ...

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Cannabis with a Conscience

Berkshire Roots’ Goal Is to Create Quality Cannabis Products Alongside Social Change
Legalization of adult-use cannabis, while a victory for enthusiasts and businesses alike, is more fraught for communities that have disproportionately suffered from the War on Drugs. For Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based Berkshire Roots—a vertically integrated medical and adult-use cannabis dispensary and one of the state’s leading cultivators of craft-grown cannabis from Berkshire County—its success in the industry and its commitment to racial justice have always been intertwined.

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Celebrate 420 at The Pass

3 Events Are Coming to the Berkshires Farm-to-Label Dispensary This Month
In honor of the annual 420 holiday, The Pass, a Berkshires-based farm-to-label grower and producer of adult-use cannabis products is hosting three events this month at its Sheffield dispensary, including tastings of non-infused products from Coast Cannabis and Betty's Eddies.

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10 Weed Dispensaries to Visit in the Berkshires

While recreational marijuana has just been legalized in New York it'll take some time for the retail scene to catch up. But a quick trip over state lines will bring you to a multitude of dispensaries in the Berkshires.

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