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Beeroir: How the Farm Bill Helped to Launch a Terroir

Beeroir: How the Farm Bill Helped to Launch a Terroir

The word terroir refers to the characteristic taste and flavor of the product imparted by the complete environment; it has historically been used in reference to wine but as small brewers hone their craft and farmers step up to produce the ingredients necessary for products of place, the concept of terroir is increasingly relevant to the beer world.


Abandoned Cider Sets Up Shop at Greig Farm

A Second Outpost in A Bucolic Paradise in Red Hook
Pitcher Lane in Red Hook is one of those absurdly scenic Dutchess County roads (there are plenty, just take any wrong turn and you’ll be lost in rolling hills, among greener pastures, forgetting where you were going.)


Head Out to Walden Next Weekend to Celebrate Angry Orchard’s 5-Year Anniversary

On Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23, the Angry Orchard Cider House will be celebrating its 5-year anniversary with a limited-edition cider release and specialty tasting
Given the popularity of hard cider today, it’s hard to imagine that it wasn't long ago that Angry Orchard was just starting out in the world. Since its 2015 purchase of a historic 60-acre apple orchard in Walden, the Angry Orchard team has been working to transition the orchard back to the bittersweet apple varieties that long ago made the Hudson Valley a famous cider-making region. In honor of its five-year anniversary, Angry Orchard is celebrating this May with two days of events on Saturday and Sunday May 22-23 and the release of its limited edition 5 Years cider.


A Long Talk with Craft Beer Pioneer Tommy Keegan (1970-2021)

An interview from October 2020 with the late, great Tommy Keegan about his almost two decades running Keegan Ales in Kingston.


3 Beacon Breweries Offering Craft Beers and Scenic Views

At roughly 13,000 residents, the City of Beacon isn’t exactly a sprawling metropolis.


Destination Drinking

Craft Beverage Producers Turn to Hospitality
Abundant in natural resources, once a vital thoroughfare of trade and travel, the Hudson Valley has long been a tourism destination, though the nature of its draw has evolved over time. In the 19th and early 20th century, it was a pastoral refuge for the wealthy and powerful, who built their estates along the river.


Join the Club: 7 Local Craft Beverage Subscriptions to Sign Up For

When you don't feel like wandering out—into the cold into the COVID—you can still get the region's freshest tastes delivered to your doorstep, with these 7 drinking club memberships, which include craft beer, cider, and wine from some of the region's top producers..


9 Wine Shops in the Hudson Valley Highlighting Natural Wine

Skin Contact Wines and Pet Nats Plenty at these Local Wine & Spirits Stores
While you might know what California cabs you like or what regions of French whites you dig, when it comes to orange wines from Croatia or pet nats from Austria, a lot of us are out to sea. Very willing to explore, mind you, but in need of a guiding hand. So, we’ve rounded up a list of wine shops in the Hudson Valley and Catskills that are specializing in natural wines. Most of these shops offer online or phone ordering and curbside pick-up, so the relationship doesn’t have to end—even if we go back into lockdown.


Many Hoppy Returns: Q&A with Tommy Keegan

A conversation with Tommy Keegan of Keegan Ales about the business of beer as he celebrates 18 years of brewing in Kingston.


Barber and Brew in Cold Spring Expertly Pairs Fresh Cuts with Craft Beer

Amid the pandemic, the hybrid shop is making business work for both sides
At first glance, a high-end barbershop and a craft beer bar might be unlikely companions. But when you think about the types who tend to frequent either—folks with discerning tastes who enjoy the finer things in life—it starts to make sense. Barber and Brew in Cold Spring makes the marriage seem effortless, especially considering it was never the original plan.


Ginned Up: Arrowood Launches its Onsite Kitchen & Farm Distillery

The Accord-based Farm Brewery Expands into Food and Spirits with Aplomb
Despite this roller coaster of a year, big things are happening at Arrowood Farms. Way back in 2018, the Accord farm brewery earned one of the coveted Empire State Development grants for $360,000. Undaunted by the pandemic, all of Arrowood's big, multi-year projects have finally come to fruition this year, with the launch of The Apiary Bar + Kitchen, the release of the inaugural Arrowood Farm Distillery spirits, and the unveiling of the expanded taproom.


Chronogram Conversation Recap: Summertime and the Drinkin’ Is Easy

A Panel Discussion with Local Craft Beverage Producers
Chronogram held a virtual conversation with select Hudson Valley craft beverage producers.


Left Bank Ciders: The Taste of Catskill(s)

Opened in July, Left Bank Cider on Water Street in Catskill makes a line of unfiltered dry ciders from mostly foraged apples. In just the few months, it's been open, the tasting room, which also serves up New York State wine, beer, spirits, and bar snacks. This Saturday, they celebrate the release of their single estate Byron cider with a Fall Harvest celebration, with a cookout by Hudson-based cafe/market Kitty's.


Wild at Heart: New York's Craft Cider Industry

As the predominance of national cider brands gives way to more regional products, the Hudson Valley—a historic apple-producing region—is seeing a boom of new cideries. While the spectrum of local ciders spans conventional to craft, a few local artisanal makers are seizing the momentum of the industry to explore the most challenging and rewarding corners of cider-making from unfiltered pet nat ciders to entirely foraged, wild-fermented products made in collaboration with nature.


How to Get in on Red Maple Vineyard's Limited Fall Wine and Cider Tastings

In celebration of their 2019 wine and cider release, the fan-favorite wedding venue is opening to the public for the first time
Red Maple Vineyard in West Park usually plays host to a jam-packed lineup of weddings throughout the year, but with fewer weddings due to the pandemic, the property is opening to the public for the first time. To celebrate the release of the property’s first wines and ciders, you can buy a ticket and head out to the bucolic Hudson riverfront property for a few select weekends this fall.


Local Guitar Virtuoso Connor Kennedy Slings BBQ at The Pines

From Shredding Riffs with Steely Dan to Pulling Brisket, This Woodstock Local Does it All
With the touring scene dries up for the foreseeable future, hometown guitar virtuoso Connor Kennedy has turned his attention to another passion: barbecue. His pop-up BBQ truck is in the backyard at The Pines in Mount Tremper every weekend, dishing up slow-cooked pork, ribs, brisket, and more.



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