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Fertile Ground: Warwick Gears Up for the Next Wave of Agriculture

The quaint Orange County town of Warwick and its surrounding valley have long been known for their fertile soil. And now, following the passage of the MRTA, the black dirt prepares to plant a different kind of crop: cannabis.


Hempire State Growers: Seeding a Better Future for Cannabis Farmers

Agriculture has never been an industry known for its cushy margins. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in New York, however, there are many interested parties hoping to get in on their share of the harvest. But for Amy and Gail Hepworth of Hempire State Growers, interest in cannabis has always been about ensuring that the health and well-being of the Hudson Valley farming community remains front and center.


Growing Pains

Challenges for Cannabis Home Cultivation in New York State
While New York State legalized home cultivation of marijuana (in theory) at the end of March, actual legit home grow is still likely more than a year away.


In the Weeds: An Inside Look at Cultivating Farm-to-Label Cannabis

Thanks to the wave of recent recreational cannabis legalization, the last five years have been a veritable renaissance for cannabis growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries in the northeast. And in a region so influenced by the local food movement, it only makes sense that there would be robust support for hyper-local cannabis cultivation, too. Here, the Berkshires-based The Pass, a vertically integrated grower and producer of adult-use recreational cannabis products, offers a peek into its “farm-to-label” cultivation practices and philosophy.



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