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Budtending in the Berkshires

Budtending in the Berkshires

The Experts at The Pass Who Welcome Customers to the Wide World of Cannabis
Chances are you can guess what a “budtender” does. Just like a bartender expertly leads you to your new favorite cocktail, budtenders are the knowledgeable, friendly employees of cannabis dispensaries tasked with guiding customers through the wide world of cannabis products. Whether it’s introducing a nervous first-time customer to a product best suited to their experience level or teaching someone who has been smoking flower for decades about the new frontier of concentrates and edibles, the budtenders at The Pass in the Berkshires are there to shepherd customers through all their options.


Cannabis Dispensary Spotlight: Canna Provisions

A spotlight on Chronogrammies winner in the category of Cannabis Dispensary: Canna Provisions in the Berkshires.


A God of the Cannabis Black Market Grows Legit

Industry Legend Chemdog’s “Smash Hits” Comes to Canna Provisions
If you’re a longtime canna-connoisseur, you definitely know who Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski is. If you’re one of the many who are just now dipping their toes into the culture as cannabis legalization sweeps the nation, you’ll want to get acquainted with the living legend—and fast. A pioneer of the modern cannabis movement, Chemdog is most known for his eponymous Chem Dog strain, said to be the parent strain of mega-popular varieties like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and countless others. After his over 30-year cultivation career, he's finally releasing his first ever legal line of cannabis, Smash Hits, exclusively at Canna Provisions in Massachusetts.


The Age of Edibles

How Today’s Cannabis-Infused Products Deliver on Quality, Consistency, and Effects
Though edibles might seem like the modern-day cannabis frontier, many cultures around the world have a long history of infusing the plant into food and beverages. While cannabis’ criminalization in the US lessened the popularity of edibles, the publishing of Alice B. Toklas' 1954 cookbook, which included a recipe for "Hasish Fudge" helped reignite the public's interest. Today, edibles are one of the fastest growing parts of the legalized recreational cannabis industry, and growers and dispensaries like The Pass in Sheffield Massachusetts are working to make a wide variety of edibles with a focus on consistent quality and effects.


420 in the Berkshires: Deals and Events You Don't Want to Miss

There are four days until 4/20.


Cannabis with a Conscience

Berkshire Roots’ Goal Is to Create Quality Cannabis Products Alongside Social Change
Legalization of adult-use cannabis, while a victory for enthusiasts and businesses alike, is more fraught for communities that have disproportionately suffered from the War on Drugs. For Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based Berkshire Roots—a vertically integrated medical and adult-use cannabis dispensary and one of the state’s leading cultivators of craft-grown cannabis from Berkshire County—its success in the industry and its commitment to racial justice have always been intertwined.


Celebrate 420 at The Pass

3 Events Are Coming to the Berkshires Farm-to-Label Dispensary This Month
In honor of the annual 420 holiday, The Pass, a Berkshires-based farm-to-label grower and producer of adult-use cannabis products is hosting three events this month at its Sheffield dispensary, including tastings of non-infused products from Coast Cannabis and Betty's Eddies.


10 Weed Dispensaries to Visit in the Berkshires

While recreational marijuana has just been legalized in New York it'll take some time for the retail scene to catch up. But a quick trip over state lines will bring you to a multitude of dispensaries in the Berkshires.


W is for Weed and Wellness

How Medical Marijuana Company Etain Is Increasing Access to Plant-Based Care
How Medical Marijuana Company Etain Is Increasing Access to Plant-Based Care


The Leaf in Beacon: A Haven for Hemp Lovers

Quality CBD from Seed to Sale
At The Leaf in Beacon, the Focus is on Quality CBD from Seed to Sale


Flower Power

Great Barrington’s Calyx Berkshire Dispensary Is Forging a Path for Women in Cannabis
Great Barrington’s Calyx Berkshire Dispensary Is Forging a Path for Women in Cannabis.


Farm-to-Label Cannabis Comes to the Berkshires

The Pass in Sheffield is a vertically integrated dispensary with products grown on-site
With this July's opening of The Pass in the quiet mountain town of Sheffield just outside of Great Barrington, the region’s recreational cannabis consumers have a new name to look to in conscientious sourcing. True to the vertically integrated dispensary's farm-to-label philosophy, there's a sleek retail space, two on-site growing facilities, and a lab for manufacturing its own products from the flowers grown just outside its doors.



Hudson Valley Events

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