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Gemini Horoscope | August 2021

Gemini Horoscope | August 2021

Be measured and deliberate in your communications and remember there are just some things once spoken that can never be taken back.


Gemini Horoscope | July 2021

Beware of grandiosity and hyperbole—this is a good month to try listening.


Gemini Horoscope | June 2021

This month you get a peek at how much you've grown


Gemini Horoscope | May 2021

Gemini should sharpen their elevator speeches and keep alert for unexpected opportunities this month.


Gemini Horoscope | April 2021

Gemini should exercise caution and patience this month. Not doing so could risk thermonuclear consequences.


Gemini Horoscope | March 2021

March horoscope for Gemini.


Gemini Horoscope | February 2021

The middle of the month will prod a sore spot, but if you can hold your tongue there will be a chance to kiss and make up.


Gemini Horoscope | January 2021

You’ll have to be very aware of exactly how and where to aim that laser-like beam of elevated consciousness.


Gemini Horoscope | December 2020

-a cosmic curtain call summoning you to a starring role over the next year.


Gemini Horoscope | November 2020

Internal tensions must be resolved through unflinching and utterly ruthless honesty with yourself.


Gemini Horoscope | October 2020

Exquisitely thoughtful self-care helps you survive this stressful time.


Gemini Horoscope | September 2020

Clear yourself of any worrying thoughts this month.


Gemini Horoscope | August 2020

This month you will have the power to claim what's yours.


Gemini Horoscope | July 2020

July may bring the energy and power you need to push through.


Gemini Horoscope | June 2020

Prepare for a dose of romance this June.


Gemini Horoscope | May 2020

Your luck may improve this month with an unexpected revenue stream.



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