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Locked & Loaded Against Lyme

Locked & Loaded Against Lyme

Two New Preventative Treatments Could Keep a Lid on the Tick-Borne Illness
Health editor Wendy Kagan explores two exciting new treatments that show promise in helping prevent tick-borne Lyme Disease.


Understanding the Wide World of Medical Imaging

When it comes to understanding and diagnosing the human body, there are few technologies more powerful than medical imaging. While the phrase might make you think of just X-rays or ultrasounds, there’s actually a wide world of non-invasive imaging services that expert medical providers like those at Columbia Memorial Health (CMH), the primary healthcare center for Columbia and Greene counties, rely on to guide their patients throughout their journeys to wellness. Here are a few types of diagnostic and interventional imaging services that are playing an increasingly important role in cutting-edge care today.


Ritualist: New Paltz's Site for Spirituality, Wellness, and Witchcraft

Ritualist, a "modern witch shop" per owner Dana Cooper, is newly open in New Paltz. They carry tools for healing and magic making, which can be divinations and spells or simply connecting with one's inner power––you get to choose. Inside you can find apothecary goods, herbal tinctures, altar candles, journals, tarot decks, and houseplants. Ritualist stocks products almost exclusively by small and independent brands and makers, and is committed to making every customer feel welcome, in part by offering products made by creators in the POC and LGBTQ+ communities. Sustainability is also top of mind for Ritualist, as is equity: they donate 10% of monthly revenue to an organization that uplifts marginalized communities.


Support Groups Get A Digital Redo

When there's a will- and an internet connection- there's a way to be there for each other.
In COVID times, the move to all-virtual support groups has been a blessing and a gift for the Rhinebeck Parkinson’s Support Group.


Columbia and Greene Counties Have a New Name In Family Medicine

A Q&A with Columbia Memorial Health’s Dr. Hank Bacon
Dr. Hank Bacon joined the primary care team at Columbia Memorial Health in July of 2020. He practices at the Columbia Memorial Family Care office in Hudson, where he sees patients from early childhood through adulthood. In our Q&A with Dr. Bacon, we talk about why he chose to go into family medicine, the importance of osteopathic medicine, and why he loves the Hudson Valley.


Colon Health 101

When to start screenings, how to improve your diet, and more expert advice from colorectal surgeon Dr. Asna Amin
When it comes to your health, how much do you think about your colon? Probably less than you should, considering its vital role in keeping your whole body healthy. According to Dr. Asna Amin, a colorectal surgeon at Columbia Memorial Health, choice of diet, knowledge of your family and personal health history, and regular screenings for issues that could cause colorectal cancer can start you on the right path to prevention.


Women's Health 101

Understanding the Full Spectrum of Care
Understanding the Full Spectrum of Care


A Look at the Team Taking Care of Women's Health in Columbia and Greene Counties

Understanding OB-GYN Services at Columbia Memorial Health
For Columbia Memorial Health (CMH), the last several years have been devoted to bridging the gap in continuity of women’s health services for Columbia and Greene Counties. The intimate team of three at CMH's Women's Health Centers accompany their patients along their lifecycle, from teens just starting their well-woman exams to women experiencing their first pregnancy to those navigating their post-menopausal years.


Germantown Doctor Amy Davison Takes a Whole-Body Approach to Healing

Doctor Amy Davison explains how osteopathy doesn't just treat a localized heath problem, but rather looks at the patient's history to find the original source.


A Look Inside at Columbia Memorial Health

How on-site imaging services at Columbia Memorial Health increase patient access.


Why You Might Need a Bone Density Scan

At Columbia Memorial Health, bone densitometry is a vital tool in preventative care
Completed in 10 minutes with all your clothes on, the bone density scan is an easy way to check the strength of your bones and detect early signs of osteoperosis. Bone thinning is often associated with menopause, making women to be at increased risk. This scan forms part of Columbia Memorial Health's preventative treatment approach.


Columbia and Greene Counties Have a New Expert in Infectious Diseases

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Manuel Revuelta joined the team at Columbia Memorial Health
The need for resources to fight the outbreak of infectious diseases, like skilled practitioners, accessible vaccines, and community education is currently at the height of public awareness due to Covid-19. For Dr. Manuel Revuelta, who has more than twenty years’ experience treating infectious diseases, the first line of defense for every community is access to a local expert like him.


Health & Wellness Winners

The 2020 Chronogrammies winners in the Health and Wellness category.


Healthcare Reimagined

Three local changemakers explain their ideas for responsive, resilient, hyperlocal wellness.


Hudson Valley Yoga Studios Going Digital with Online Class Offerings

Stretch, Center, and Stay Calm through the COVID-19 Crisis with These Online Offerings
Movement, stretching, and mindfulness practices are an excellent tool to reduce stress and bolster your immune system. Don't stop moving just because you're sheltering in place. With COVID-19 outbreak forcing the closure of all gyms, many Hudson Valley yoga studios are now offering online classes, some free, some donation based.


Examining the Opioid Crisis in the Hudson Valley

Here’s how Hudson Valley authorities are responding to the opioid epidemic caused by fentanyl.
As the opioid crisis sweeps the nation, here is a look at how Hudson Valley officials are responding.



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