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High Society Cannabis News: 6/30/21

The latest cannabis news for the week of June 30: MRTA rollout stalled; Jabs for Joints in Washington, CT legalizes adult-use; War on Drugs turns 50.


Growing Pains

Challenges for Cannabis Home Cultivation in New York State
While New York State legalized home cultivation of marijuana (in theory) at the end of March, actual legit home grow is still likely more than a year away.


Cannabis Legalization 101: Will New York’s Municipal Opt-Out Kill the Buzz?

Understanding the opt-out rule and how you can get involved
While excitement about New York's newly budding recreational cannabis industry has never been more palpable, it’s also just the beginning for the regulatory and licensing framework that will be overseen by the newly created Office of Cannabis Management. For eager consumers and prospective cannabis entrepreneurs alike, there’s still several major regulatory hurdles left to clear. Among them is the power the new law gives municipalities to “opt-out” of hosting retail dispensaries and public consumption facilities within their borders. Here's a primer on the opt-out rule and how you can get involved in your town's decision.


Dealer's Choice

The Future of New York's Weed Market According to 4 Legacy Market Operators
We check in with four legacy market operators about their thoughts on New York’s legalization of recreational marijuana, the likely persistence of a black market for weed, and their own plans for the future.


Changes on High

What to Know about New York’s Recreational Marijuana Law
On Wednesday, March 31, New York officially became the 15th state to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults, and the wait seems to have been worth it.


Legal Weed is Coming to New York

Cannabis and the Empire State
Cuomo is on board, the legislature is on board, neighboring states already have recreational cannabis. It looks like 2021 is New York’s year to legalize weed.


The Green Rush: Legal Cannabis on the Rise

Cannabis is increasingly available nationwide for both medical and recreational use. New York, where the plant is currently decriminalized, is likely to be among the next states to join one of the least understood, and, at times controversial, socioeconomic booms of the century to date—legal cannabis. Part one in a two-part series.


Understanding New York’s New Hemp Laws: a Q&A with Attorney Marissa Weiss

In early December, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that dramatically changed the legal and regulatory framework for New York's hemp industry. We asked Marissa Weiss, Esq., an associate attorney at the Walden-based firm Jacobowitz & Gubits to help us wade through the weeds and understand what just went down in Albany.



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