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Leo Horoscope | April 2020

Leo Horoscope | April 2020

It's time to use this quarantine wisely and invest some time into your mind-body connection.


Leo Horoscope | March 2020

Be meticulous in determining whether feelings shared by others are in line with your own.


Leo Horoscope | February 2020

The idea of travel or some needed R&R may take you to new places this month.


Leo Horoscope | January 2020

This is the month to take your health seriously and create balance of mind and body.


Leo Horoscope | December 2019

This month a lot of people will be relying on you and your wisdom.


Leo Horoscope | November 2019

This month will feel like a small rebirth. Prepare to kick unnecessary things to the curb.


Leo Horoscope | October 2019

Love and affection are on the menu for you this month!


Leo Horoscope | September 2019

This month you will finally start sorting out the useful from the useless. This might make room for new possibilities.


Leo Horoscope | August 2019

Your inner conflict between collective obligations and individual needs will be illuminated. Try to keep your cool, your feeling affect others.


Leo Horoscope | July 2019

In your heart, you know the truth, which is that you can't control a chaotic universe with an infinite number of moving parts.


Leo Horoscope | June 2019

Focus on you this month. It's nice to be everybody's ear, but don't let it distract you from your goals.


Leo Horoscope | May 2019

You will break through to a higher level of leadership and authority as you initiate a new role.


Leo Horoscope | April 2019

Don't be roused by the criticism of others and pick your battles wisely.


Leo Horoscope | March 2019

Long-term loyalties without reciprocal investment come up for review.


Leo Horoscope | February 2019

Instead of rebelling against routines, try approaching them with a cool mind.


Leo Horoscope: January 2019

You will feel a sense of rebirth this month.



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WFF Virtual Films + Conversations #3: LARS AND THE REAL GIRL

Thu., April 2, 7-7:30 p.m. — Join us online on April 2nd at 7pm EST for an in-depth...
Online Midweek Worship @ New Paltz Friends Meeting House

Online Midweek Worship

Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Continues through April 30 — Friends gather for silent waiting worship, then break into groups for spiritual...

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