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Leo Horoscope | August 2021

Leo Horoscope | August 2021

This month prepare to shed the mask and heal some emotional wounds.


Leo Horoscope | July 2021

Liberation is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to others rather than protecting yourself behind a veneer of self-sufficiency.


Leo Horoscope | June 2021

Up this month: a reality check. You may find that the doors of perception may need to be re-hung to compensate for the distortion factor.


Leo Horoscope | May 2021

Leo, May 3rd is your last opportunity to speak up. Otherwise, be prepared to forever hold your peace.


Leo Horoscope | April 2021

This month Leo should prepare to win a plethora of popularity contests.


Leo Horoscope | March 2021

March forecast for Leo.


Leo Horoscope | February 2021

Let your unique originality shine by delivering inspirational genius.


Leo Horoscope | January 2021

Anything other than verifiable reality will meet with the harshest consequences if attempted to be passed off as factual in your presence.


Leo Horoscope | December 2020

Let your love light shine, even from behind a mask.


Leo Horoscope | November 2020

The possibilities unlocked during the square of your planetary ruler to your natal Sun herald tremendous creative opportunity.


Leo Horoscope | October 2020

Abrupt turnarounds and topsy-turvy twists of fate at the Halloween Sun/Uranus conjunction.


Leo Horoscope | September 2020

A rocky start to the month ends with a positive outcome.


Leo Horoscope | August 2020

This month you will finally see the true relationships that are worth your efforts.


Leo Horoscope | July 2020

The Sun's entry into Leo on July 22 will raise your spirits and may influence your future.


Leo Horoscope | June 2020

Be the light that brings the darkness to an end this month.


Leo Horoscope | May 2020

Don't feel bad if you are feeling ignored now, after the storm passes, you will be seen as a wise advisor.



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