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Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 24–31

Sun Enters Gemini, Makes Many New Friends
With the Sun newly in Gemini, it's been making aspects to a bunch of planets and points that are located early in their respective signs. If there's an opportunity for the world to change overnight, this might be the opening.


Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 17-24, 2018

Tilling the Ground
Mars-Uranus squares tend to be restless and impulsive, and raise the question of whether you can really be yourself as your life is currently structured. If it feels like it's time to refresh your life, can you see the possibilities behind the disruption?


Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 10-17, 2018

Opening the Parachute
In just five days, Uranus will leave Aries and enter Taurus. Since Uranus is the planet of surprises and revolution, and Taurus is the sign of practicality and habit, this transition could feel a little jarring for some people.


Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 3–10

Bringing Awareness to What Has Run Rampant
Something that has been running amok in an institutionally sanctioned or corporate/governmental environment, with far-reaching consequences is finally meeting up with greater awareness in personal and collective realms.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 26–May 3

The Scorpio Full Moon and the Fire Goddess
Having the Scorpio Moon and the Taurus Sun making right angles to the North Node in Leo and the South Node forms what is called a grand cross in fixed signs. All grand crosses are considered aspect patterns of strength, because they indicate obstacles that demand action.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 19-26

Chiron in Aries and Sun in Taurus
With the Sun moving into Taurus tonight you might notice yourself refocusing on your values in some way. This could be in relation to news or it might be related to something more personal and less public. Values and "value" are inherent Taurus traits.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 12–19

Mercury Direct, Aries New Moon, and What's Next
Storm phases, direct stations, new moons—there is a lot happening astrologically at the moment, and it may have you on edge.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 5-12

Small, Meaningful Moves
A combined square is creating an image of tension. If you're feeling frustrated, you might notice how much of that energy is directed at yourself, versus how much of it you're projecting (or unleashing) onto others.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for Mar 29–April 5

Working and Communicating with the Libra Full Moon
The sky is not only building to a Full Moon in Libra on Saturday, there's some additional astrology that may be testing the balance between what you desire, what you feel obligated to do, and what's actually reasonable to try to accomplish.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for Mar 22-29

Looking Inside Aries with Mercury Retrograde
Mercury is stationing retrograde in Aries, so despite this being a natural time of year to want to start new things, you may be experiencing some hitches in executing your plans.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for March 15-22

Chiron and the Pisces New Moon: What Have You Learned?
Chiron, which has been in Pisces since 2010, is preparing to exit the sign. The Pisces New Moon on Saturday thus calls for a focused level of review and introspection as you prepare yourself for a new phase of growth.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for Mar 8-15

Review and Integration: Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio
On March 8, Jupiter stations retrograde in Scorpio, prompting a review and integration of any major experiences or recurring dynamics that have been at play since mid-October 2017.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for Mar 1-8

Moving with the Moonlight
With Neptune adding extra softness and lubrication to the Virgo full moon, you might find it easier to sidestep blowups or shift perspective in a way that opens up your options.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for Feb 22-Mar 1

Flowing with the Currents and Lighting the Fire
You can think of the general feel of this month in terms of the Pisces symbol itself: those two fish, bound together yet heading in opposite directions. If one fish is the "hang out and float" type, the other seems to be quickening its pace forward; one fish is taking a deep, introspective dive, while the other swims across the world's oceans.



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